Bhutan Medical and Health Council Secretariat is shifted to Namgaycholing Campus, Chang Gidaphu (previous DAHE office premises)

BQPCA Secretariat


As provided under Section 25 of the Civil Service Reform Act of Bhutan 2022 and pursuant to the RCSC’s reorganization order RCSC/LD-63/2022/2266 of 30 December 2022, the Office of the Bhutan Qualifications and Professionals Certification Authority (BQPCA) was established on 9th January 2023. The BQPCA affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD), is the competent authority for qualification accreditation, professional certification and national qualifications framework in the country. It shall also be responsible for monitoring the quality of education and training, awarding and recognition of qualifications in the country, and also certifying and monitoring the practices of the professionals.

The reform has been carried out to reduce overlapping and duplication of functions amongst the prevailing regulatory agencies to ensure better resource optimization. It also aims to enhance the sharing of resources and expertise and promote synergy among the relevant bodies resulting in a holistic regulatory ecosystem for efficient and effective public service delivery towards developed Bhutan.

The BQPCA consists of following Councils:

  1. Medical and Health Professionals Council (MHPC)
  2. Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC)
  3. TVET Quality Council (TVET-QC)
  4. Engineering Professionals Council (EPC)


Excellence in Quality Assurance of Education, Training and Professional Practices


B – Building our institutional capacity for effective quality assurance.

Q – Quality monitoring of registered institutions and certified professionals.

P – Providing our services with efficiency and humility to our clients.

C – Cultivating professionalism and ethical standards.

A – Always living by examples in terms of quality service and professionalism.


  • To Ensure quality of higher educational institutes and   programmes
  • To Ensure quality of TVET institution and programs
  • To Ensure quality of professional  practices


Q : Quality: We Exhibit quality culture as a way of life

U : Unity: We Uphold unity and team work as an organisational family 

A : Agility: We cultivate growth mindset and act swiftly to any change

L : Leadership: We demonstrate Leadership of Self and mutual growth

I :  Integrity: We Adhere to ethical values and moral principles 

T : Transparency : We Build trust and confidence through openness and positivity

Y :  Yearn: We yearn for continuous Professional Growth