Registration and Licensing Services

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Registration and licensing of medical and health professionals;
  2. Issue Certificate of Good Standing;
  3. Maintain National Medical and Health Professional Registry;
  4. Monitor the standards and quality of care in the healthcare facilities (including diagnostic centers);
  5. Review the medical and health professional requirements for establishment of healthcare centers ;
  6. Coordinate/conduct the licensing examination for medical and health professionals;
  7. Coordinate/conduct relevant Committee meetings;
  8. Collaborate with relevant national and international agencies;
  9. Develop guidelines, standards and other documents for regulation of healthcare services;
  10. Monitor the practice and conduct of medical and health professionals;
  11. Facilitate investigation as and when deemed necessary;
  12. Prepare annual work plan and execute the activities; and
  13. Carryout any other works as assigned by the Registrar/Council.

Following are the types of registration:

  1. Full Registration
  2. Temporary Registration
  3. Provisional Registration
  4. Gratis Registration