Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am a medical and health professional. To practise as a medical and health professional in Bhutan, do I need to register myself?

Answer: Yes, you need to register yourself as a medical and health professional prior to your practice.

Q2. Which organization is responsible for registering medical and health professionals in Bhutan?

Answer: The Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC) is empowered by the Bhutan Medical & Health Council Act 2002 for registering all medical and health professionals in Bhutan. BMHC is an autonomous government agency that regulates the education, qualification and practice of medical and health professionals.

Q4. Why should I register with BMHC?

Answer: The Bhutan Medical and Health Council Act 2002 and Regulation 2005 require all medical and health professionals to register. It is unlawful to practise in Bhutan without registration.

Q5. What is registration?

Answer: Registration is the process of receiving and verifying all documents related to education, training and qualifications of a medical and health professional. The applicant will be issued a Registration Certificate if all the documents are found complete. The Registration Certificate is a document fulfilling the legal requirement under the BMHC Act and Regulations.

Q6. How do I apply for registration?

Answer: You need to fill-up the application form and submit the documents required as per the checklist. Original documents will be asked to authenticate. The application form can be downloaded at http://www.bmhc.gov.bt/download-forms-2/. Following documents are required:

  1. Declaration of the Code of Professional Fidelity signed on Legal Stamp
  2. Graduation Certificate (Master/degree/diploma/certificate)
  3. Provisional or Course Completion Certificate
  4. Mark sheets (Master/degree/diploma/certificate)
  5. Internship completion certificate
  6. Class X and XII certificates
  7. Class X and XII marksheets
  8. Citizenship Identity Card
  9. Security Clearance 
  10. 1 recent passport size photograph
  11. Registration fee 

Q7. What are the different types of registration?

Answer: The different types of registration are:

  1. Provisional registration (registration for attachment for internship program)
  2. Temporary registration (for non Bhutanese professionals)
  3. Full registration 
  4. Additional qualification registration (for relevant additional qualifications) 

Q8. What is provisional registration?

Answer: It is a registration for a medical and health professional prior to full registration. This registration is required for attachment in any health facility for an internship program.

Q9. How long does it take to get a certificate?

Answer: It will take only a few hours to verify and issue the certificate. Sometimes we receive a large number of applications at the same time. During such times we take a little longer. Please ensure that all your documents are complete as per the checklist. If documents are received incomplete, certificates will not be issued. 

Q10. What is the validity of registration?

Answer: The validity of a registration certificate is five years. You have to renew prior to the expiry of validity of registration.

Q11. How do I know when my registration expires?

Answer: The validity of a registration certificate is mentioned in the certificate. You will get an email reminding you to renew your registration, if you register your email with the BMHC.

Q12. Why should I renew my registration?

Answer: You need to renew your registration to fulfill the legal requirements. If your registration is not valid, you are not protected as a medical and health professional. It is illegal to practise without a valid registration certificate.

Q13. How do I process the renewal of my registration?

Answer: You need to apply by submitting a filled form to the BMHC. The BMHC will check your credits and renew or reject accordingly. You will need a minimum of twenty credits of Continuing Medical Education (CME) in the last five years. You will receive a message in your registered email address when your registration is renewed.

Q14. How do I check my registration and CME status?

Answer: You have to register with the BMHC. Once registered, you can login to the BMHC website at www.bmhc.gov.bt to check the details. Please ensure that you put the correct email address and date of birth. If you have changed your email address, please update accordingly.

Q15. What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

Answer: Certificate of Good Standing is a document issued by the BMHC certifying that a particular medical or health professional, during the registration period, practised in compliance with the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Etiquette. To issue this certificate, the BMHC will review and cross-check the records of the professional maintained on any violations of the Act and Regulations. 

Q16. Where is the BMHC located?

Answer: The BMHC Secretariat is located at the top floor (attic) of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine Building. It is located within the Traditional Medicine Hospital compound  above the National Land Commission Secretariat at Kawa Jangsa.\

Q16. How to view your profile, CME Credits and validity of your registration certificate?

Visit BMHC website (www.bmhc.gov.bt) and on the right side of the main page press login link which is marked with an arrow as shown above
You will be directed towards the login page (Login form) as shown above. The default login page is for administrator of BMHC and you are requested to follow the link which is circled and marked with an arrow (labelled “login as Personnel).For health and medical professional to login :
1. Your registration number will be the username
2. Your date of birth will be the password.

BMHC would like to request all the medical and health professionals to check your profile and update information if it is inaccurate.