A composite body created under statutory order of the Royal Government of Bhutan to regulate Medical and Health Profession in the Kingdom of Bhutan.


Best health care delivery by competent medical and health professional.


  • Assure the safety and quality of services delivered by medical and health professionals.
  • Protect patients through effective regulations and standards of education & practice.
  • Promote highest standards of medical education & training, and practice among medical and health practitioners.
  • Competence: Demonstrate expertise in carrying out the responsibilities and inspire others to have confidence with the principle of right man in the right job.
  • Integrity: Conduct ethically and with honesty and accountability of service provision.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrate professional health care through positive attitude, actions and comments.
  • Compassion: Promote empathy, support, encouragement, and sensitivity in service provision.
  • Quality: Commitment to excellence in service and care.
  • Recognition and registration of medical and health professionals qualification.
  • Recognition and registration of in-country training institutes.
  • Recognition and registration of outside country training institutes.
  • Monitor CME of medical and health professionals and credit for renewal.
  • Develop reciprocal and accreditation of new courses within and outside country.
  • Disciplinary action against the grievances.
Management Principle

The Council believes in the axiom “ that which is measured improves”.