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5th Technical Meeting of Medical Council Network of WHO SEAR

Posted on: August 12th, 2013      Author: admin

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Fifth Technical Meeting of The Medical Councils Network of the WHO South-East Asia Region 

Bangkok, Thailand,

12-13 August 2013

Theme: Quality and Regulation of Medical Education

The fifth Technical meeting of the WHO MCN-SEAR on quality and regulation of medical education was held in Bangkok from 12-13 August 2013. The overall objectives of the meeting are:

  1. To critically review the medical education system in the countries of South-East Asia Region and identify areas for further improvements
  2. To access country’s application of “Guidelines for accreditation of medical schools in countries of SEAR 2009” and the needs for guidelines modification to further enhance the standards of medical education
  3. To agree on core competencies of medical graduates of SEAR and;
  4. To determine measures to further improve registration and/or licensing of medical professionals in countries of the SEAR for live/up-to-date registration for effective management of medical workforce