Education and Professional

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Registration, licensing and accreditation of medical and health academic institutions/universities;
  2. Develop minimum standards for medical and health academic institutions/ universities/programs and faculty positions;
  3. Maintain list of all approved medical and health academic institutes within and outside the country;
  4. Monitor the medical and health institutions/universities;
  5. Review proposals for structured academic programs for certificate/diploma/degree;
  6. Review proposals for establishment of medical and health academic institutions;
  7. Develop relevant national policies/strategies/standards/procedures/guidelines/SOPs;
  8. Coordinate/conduct relevant Committee meetings;
  9. Collaborate with relevant national and international regulatory authorities;
  10. Review and approve the continuing medical education program;
  11. Monitor medical and health academic institutions/teaching hospitals;
  12.  Prepare annual work plan and execute the activities;  and
  13.  Carryout any other works as assigned by the Registrar/Council.

Following are the Institutes recognized by BMHC and registered with BMHC in Bhutan:

Recognized and Registered Institutes

Fee Structure for registration of institutes and new programs are as follows;

Fee Structure for registration of institutes and new programs