Posted on: March 6th, 2014      Author: tshewang

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This is to notify all medical and health professionals that the Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC) Regulations 2005 require all registered members to strictly conform to Professional Standards in their practice. Etiquette, professional code of conduct and ethics shall be observed at all times to ensure that patient care is delivered in a safe and competent way. In this respect, prior to assessment and treatment, BMHC Regulations 2005 require a medical or health professional to obtain informed consent for physical examination and procedures especially for female patient. Any specific examination or procedure should be explained to the patient/party before the carrying out the procedure.

BMHC Regulations 2005 Section 4.3, clause 4.3.15 states “Every medical or health professional must ensure the presence of a female attendant during examination or procedure on a female patient.” A health or medical professional must respect and maintain patient’s privacy, dignity, and confidentiality at all times unless required by the law.

This is issued for strict compliance from all medical and health professionals.




Bhutan Medical and Health Council