Notification on Cancellation of BMHC Registration of NP-628

Posted on: August 19th, 2013      Author: tshewang

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Mr. Sangay Tenzin

BMHC registration number NP-628


Sub: Notification on Cancellation of BMHC Registration NP-628.

The Bhutan Medical and Health Council reviewed separation order of Mr. Sangay Tenzin, Satff nurse JDWNRH, in the 21st Registration sub-committee meeting and further discussed in the 12th Executive Committee meeting to determine his registration as a staff nurse with the BMHC. The RC sub-committee and the Executive committee recommended the Council secretariat to de-register/ cancel the registration of Mr. Sangay Tenzin, CID no: 10801000218, Registration no: NP-628, Date of Registration: 20/07/2006  from the national medical and health register. The committees were with the following view:

The BMHC Regulation 2005, clause 18.2 states that with regard to the disciplinary proceedings, if there has been a breach of provision of Medical and Health Council Act 2002 or the BMHC Regulation, such professionals shall be suspended or cancel the registration as the case may be. Further as per the Disciplinary Proceedings for Medical Malpractice and Negligence Regulation 2009, Appendix II; addiction falls under serious professional misconduct and such professionals shall be removed from access to drug through disciplinary actions.

Mr. Sangay Tenzin had severe addiction history and failed to improve despite several opportunities given to him and his presence in health centre is seen as a threat to general patients. Such a case is a serious breach of medical ethics and therefore, Mr. Sangay Tenzin’s registration with BMHC shall be cancelled/de-registered from the National Medical and Health register, accordingly inform him, and make public notification through media and post on the Council’s web portal.’

Therefore, the Council Secretariat hereby notifies that the above mention individual is no longer a registered staff nurse and he will not be allowed to practice in any field of medical and health profession in the country.



Copy to:

  1. Hon’ble Lyonpo/President, BMHC, MoH for kind appraisal.
  2. Hon’ble Secretary/Vice-President, BMHC, MoH for kind appraisal.
  3. The Director General, DMS, MoH for kind information.