Administration and Finance Services

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Provide support in the general administration to ensure effective planning and coordination of various activities;
  2. Prepare annual budget in coordination with the different Service Units and Ministry of Finance;
  3. Process recruitment, promotion, transfer, training, leave, retirement and superannuation cases;
  4. Maintain a clean, orderly and secure office at all times;
  5. Conduct procurement of office equipment, supplies and materials;
  6. Facilitate conduct of internal and external audit;
  7. Facilitate the release of funds, authorization of  payments, control of expenditure, collection & deposit revenue and submit financial reports;
  8. Organize meetings and arrange logistics (payments, refreshments, air tickets, stationeries);
  9. Ensure all transactions are carried out as per the government rules and procedures; and
  10. Carryout any other works as assigned by the Registrar/Council.