NOTIFICATION to all medical and health professionals

Posted on: October 24th, 2013      Author: tshewang

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MoH/BMHC/06/2013/ 2037                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        24 October 2013


This is to inform all concerned that Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC) is empowered by the Medical and Health Council Act 2002 and Regulation 2005 to regulate the professional practice and competency of the Medical and Health Professionals in the country.

Therefore, BMHC would like to inform all Medical and Health professionals to comply with the following;

a. All Medical and Health professionals should maintain high standards of professionalism in their practice which includes eliciting proper illness history, proper clinical examinations, recommending relevant laboratory investigations, arriving at clinical diagnosis, starting on appropriate treatment and documenting all aspects of patient care;

b. Always seek timely opinion from seniors and colleagues on proper clinical management of patients when ever required;

c. Provide required information on the patient’s conditions to the patients and their attendants;

d. All professional must recognize their limitations and competence as well as that of other professional colleagues;

e. All professional services must be rendered with compassionate care and holistic principles for the benefit and wellbeing of patients;

f. All medical and health professionals must comply with code of Ethics, Conduct and Etiquette in their professional practice as per BMHC Regulation, 2005;

g. The patient has right to receive treatment that is provided with skill, competence, diligence and care;

h. In order to ensure that patient gets the safe and quality health care, BMHC may review the competence of a Medical and Health professionals, if there is evidence to suggest that the Medical and Health Professional’s practice poses a risk or harm to the patient.

i. Further, the Council shall initiate disciplinary proceedings against any Medical or Health Professionals for violations of the ethical code of professional practice

j. All Head of District Health Services (DHOs/ADHOs) and Head of Health facilities shall be responsible to supervise and monitor the professional practice of all Medical and Health professionals in their respective Dzongkhag’s health facilities.

k. Head of District Health Services (DHOs/ADHOs) and Head of Health facilities shall be held accountable if any case of malpractice or negligence is found not reported to the BMHC.

All concerned are directed to comply strictly with this notification