10th General Council Body Meeting

Posted on: August 11th, 2014      Author: tshewang

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The Bhutan Medical and Health Council conducted its 10th General Council Body meeting on August 11, 2014. The Council meeting was chaired by Hon’ble President H.E Lypnpo Tandin Wangchuk.

Members Present:

H.E. Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk, Hon’ble President, BMHC – Chairman

Hon’ble Secretary Nima Wangdi, Vice- President

  1. Dr. DORJI Wangchuk, Director General, DoPH, MoH
  2. Dr. Ugen Dophu, Director General, DMS, MoH
  3. Dr. Chencho Doejee, Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Public Health, UMSB
  4. Mrs. Tandin Pemo, Nursing Superintendent, JDWNRH
  5. Dr. Tashi Wangdi, Physician, JDWNRH
  6. Dr. Tashi Dendup Wangdi, Surgeon, JDWNRH
  7. Mr. Karma Phuentsho, Physiotherapist, JDWNRH
  8. Mr. Tshering Nidup, Legal Officer, PPD, MoH
  9. Dr. Sonam Dukpa, Menjong Diagnostic Centre
  10. Dr. Tandi Dorji, Pediatrician, Centre for Research Initiative, Thimphu
  11. Dr. K.P. Tshering, President, UMSB
  12. Mr. Dorjee Tshering, Director General, DTMS, MoH
  13. Mrs. Yangchen Chhoedon, CHRO, MoH

Members Absent:

  1. Director, JDWNRH
  2. Chief Medical Officer, RBA
  3. Director General, NITM, UMSB
  4. Dr. Sonam Ngedup, Dental Surgeon, JDWNRH
  5. Representative of Tarayana Foundation


Executive Committee members:

  1. Dr. Ngawang Tenzin, Ophthalmologist, JDWNRH
  2. Medical Superintendent, JDWNRH
  3. Drungtsho Karma Gaylek, CPO, DTMS, MoH

Registration Sub-committee members:

  1. Mrs. Tshering Dema, Asst. Nursing Superintendent, JDWNRH

Professional Ethics Sub-committee members:

  1. Drungtsho Dophu, Asst. Professor, NITM, UMSB


Following were some of the main discussions of the meeting:

Opening Remarks

Hon’ble President in his opening remarks welcomed all the members of the GCB and extended special welcome to the members who were newly appointed. He informed the members that GCB is the highest decision making body of the council. The President highlighted the increase of registered members when the Council started functioning in 2005 and at present where the health sector enjoys fairly adequate number of health workforce.  In this regard, the Hon’ble President urged the Council to ensure competency of the health human resource. He also mentioned that it is the priority of the government to protect the public and highlighted the importance of making healthcare a safe service. The President appreciated the UMSB for making milestone achievement in the history of medical education in Bhutan; however, he urged the university and the Council to work hand in hand to deliver quality medical and health education in the country. He appreciated the private players expressing their interest in participating in health education and health care services and urged the Council members to draw uniform regulations across private and public health services and institutions. Finally, Hon’ble President recommended the members to make valuable comments and suggestions which will contribute to further strengthening of the Council.

Functions of General Council Body

The Registrar presented the constitution of members of the Council and its functions. Following the presentation, members discussed on several issues like strengthening the Council and de-linking from the Ministry of Health and also discussed on the regulation of private health services in the country. The members deliberated on the functions and unanimously reached to following decision:

  1. Henceforth, the Council will develop regulation for private health services and MoH will provide technical support to facilitate in framing the Regulation.
  2. BMHC will form a subcommittee to discuss matters pertaining to private health services.
  3. Human resource in the Council will be strengthened gradually and MoH will support BMHC in all aspects until autonomy is granted. Meanwhile the BMHC will work towards establishing as an autonomous government organization.
  4. The standards will be developed by the Ministry and should be approved by the Council.
  5. Revise the Medical and Health Council Act and Regulation considering the limitation of the provisions.
Approval of Postgraduate Regulation
  1. GCB approved the PG Medical Education Regulation – 2014.
  2. BMHC, MoH and UMSB should work closely for the success of the PG Residency program.
  3. UMSB should gradually fulfill the requirement prescribed in the regulation.
Approval of Teaching Hospital (TH) Regulation

The members of the GCB approved the teaching hospital regulation with recommendation.


  1. There should be regulation and mechanism to ensure patient safety.
  2. The regulation should outline the need of MoU between the institutes involved in PG program.
  3. The requirement for recognition of a teaching hospital should be fulfilled in a phase wise manner, so that all the facilities are fulfilled before the graduation of first batch of Post Graduate students.

Approval of Postgraduate residency program in PGMEC (UMSB)

The members of the GCB approved to give in principal approval to start the Post Graduate Residency program. However, final recognition of the program will be given on successful fulfillment of all the requirements as per the BMHC regulation by the PGMEC before the graduation of the first batch of PG students. The members also recommended BMHC should regularly monitor the PG training program to ensure that program is being conducted in line with the Regulation.


Approval of Nursing program (GNM) in Reldri Academy of Health Sciences.


After much deliberation with suggestions and recommendations, the GCB granted ‘Provisional Approval’ to begin the GNM course in Reldri Academy of Health Sciences with following conditions:

  1. Fulfill the minimum requirement as per Regulation by 2nd semester.
  2. BMHC to sign an agreement with the institutes on the mechanism of exit plan.
  3. Clearly segregate educational resources between the high school and nursing institute.

Amendment of Clause 22.3-Minimum entry requirement to MBBS, BDS, Nursing and other allied health courses.

The new entry requirement for admission into MBBS, BDS, Nursing and other allied health Sciences Courses are as follow:

Sl.no Subject Existing Clause Proposed Amendment
1 Title Minimum Standards of Education and Training (Foreign Country) Minimum Standards of Education and Training (Foreign and within the Country)





Entry Qualification for medical education (MBBS/BDS)



12 years schooling with Science

12 years schooling with minimum 50% each in all science subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English) in class 12 board examination or equivalent.OR

Has passed 3 years of “pre-medical” courses at university level in case of entry to medical school without basic science

3 Entry Qualification for Nursing and other allied health science education (MBBS/BDS) Class 12 passed 12 years schooling with minimum 40% each in all science subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English) in class 12 board examination. or equavalent 


  1. The amendment should come into effect from 2015 admission session and the Council shall make public notification through media.
  2. The candidates not complying with the amended clause from the date of notification will not be eligible to be registered with the Council.

Regulation on telemedicine

The members recommended that since doctors outside the country are not registered with BMHC, the liability should lie with the referring doctors in Bhutan but for in country consultation the liability should be with the specialist giving the treatment. Further patients should be informed on the consultation.


Health camps

  1. BMHC will develop guidelines for conduct of health camps in Bhutan.
  2. DMS, MoH should indentify focal person for health camps and accordingly communicate to BMHC. The focal person shall report any event of malpractice and negligence to BMHC immediately. The focal person is also responsible for follow up of the patients.
  3. Visa for medical and health professionals involved in the health camp will be processed upon registration with the Council.

Proposal to develop Online CME system

  1. The UMSB, as competent body should begin developing the online CME, however, the online courses should be accredited by the Council.
  2. BMHC should not relax on CME credit requirement while re-registration.

Closing Remarks

Hon’ble Lyonpo closed the session by appreciating the members for active participation and fruitful discussion on lengthy agenda. This was because the Council was not able to meet for five years. His Excellency appreciated the achievements of the Council and remarked the importance of Ministry’s support to strengthen the Bhutan Medical and Health Council, and need to support the Council. He also conveyed the members to meet after six months as required by the Act. The deliberations will be used to guide and direct the Council. Hon’ble President closed the session by thanking all the members of GCB.